John Crowell
Founder & CEO
John Crowell is the founding partner of SaaSyREInvestors. John is a driven entrepreneur who is an enthusiastic real estate deal 
maker with over fifteen years of experience in both Retail and Multifamily assets. John specializes in managing the full-cycle of
a deal process, that includes forging relationships with brokers, bankers, property managers, general contractors, accountants,
and attorneys. Aside from his strong relationship building skills he is seasoned in raising capital for his projects through his
extensive network in the software and technology industry. John has established a wide range of other successful startups such
Greens & Grounds and AAG. In only two short years John has rapidly grown his AUM and portfolio to over 50+M. Traditionally
professional leader in the SaaS world with a degree in Business Insurance and Risk Management. John is a motivated growth
His knowledge and strong innovative skills, coupled with his entrepreneur mindset and expertise has led him to being,
while helping others,
very successful in the multifamily real estate investing community. John reveres and values each investor
relationship, maintains complete transparency, provides accurate and detailed accounts of investment affairs and strategically
approaches all deal structures to fashion and develop confident and long-lasting partnerships.




Brittany Terrio
Director of Operations
Brittany Terrio thrives on strategic approaches that impact the bottom line. With an extensive background in start-up business
and business management she knows exactly what needs to be done behind the scenes to ensure the day to day operations are
managed, goals are being achieved and a business is running smoothly. Brittany leads by example with a hands on approach. Her
well-established success as a marketing specialist has guided her to managing projects, enhancing productivity, driving ROIs,
and finding innovative solutions to problems, both big and small. Brittany knows network marketing is essential to business growth
and success. Her devotion to client interest and relationship-building, strong networking ingenuity, and SEO optimization techniques
have led her to many opportunities to participate in a myriad of projects, however, Brittany is best known for her passion for people
and volunteer work in her local community


Preston Juckem
Partner & COO
Preston Juckem lives in Texas and has over 10 years of experience committing his time to working with organizations across the 
nation scale their revenue operations with strategic approaches that build sustainable engines of success. Preston is invloved in
several layers of the SaaSy RE Investors organization, however he is zealous about the SaaSy RE Community that serves
to drive an environment for networking, learning, as well as provide an avenue for others to get plugged into real estate investing.
Preston has established his real estate portfolio over the last several years focusing on multi
family apartment buildings.
As a partner his focus is to also strategically build relationships with investors, brokers, and property managers to support growth
opportunities for SaaSy RE Investors. His driving motivation is
for his growing family, and living a life in service to others.


Mike Hochstetler
General Partner
Michael Hochstetler is a valuable partner and team member. Since 2011, Mike has been an entrepreneur. Successfully building 
an eight-figure utility contracting company and a 7-figure investment portfolio. Mr. Hochstetler’s journey in real estate began in
2012 with the purchase of a 5,200 square-foot commercial building. In 2018, he added an additional 2,500 square-foot warehouse/flex
space. Then in 2019, Mike acquired raw land, where he oversaw the ground up development of a 6,000 sq ft commercial building.
Through the commercial warehouse acquisitions and development, Mr. Hochstetler saw an opportunity to invest in Multifamily, particularly
in the Midwest. In February of 2020, Mike purchased a 15-unit property in Niles MI. The asset required major renovations,
implementation of professional property management, and stabilization that Mike directly oversaw to success. Mr. Hochstetler also joined
an experienced investment group with over $65M AUM as a Limited Partner for a 110 lot Mobile Home Park (MHP) located in Indiana, where
he acted as boots on the ground and oversaw the on site construction management. Later that year, he invested in 91 units in
Statesboro, GA as a Limited Partner with the goal to observe and learn from an experience Multifamily operator with over 1,000 units and
$50M AUM. In 2021, Mike finished a multi-year the land development of a 16,000 square-foot commercial building. The completion
of this project added to his experience in development of nearly 25,000 square feet of commercial warehouse development.
The inspiration behind his goals and drive is his family, with the birth of his beautiful daughter and soon to be second child.
His miracles, along with the support of his wife, Jodi, made him realize the importance of building generational wealth and the
true freedom of getting your money working for you. Possessing a solid background in operations and scaling a traditional
business, his characteristics of integrity and commitment have served him well in both business and real estate.


Nick Weaver
General Partner
Nicholas Weaver has over 10 years’ experience in the Commercial real estate industry. First cutting teeth in the trenches 
as a transactional broker at Marcus & Millichap, Nick has sold over $100 million worth of real estate during his tenure.
Working with real estate owners in cultivating and growing wealth over their ownership cycle through strategic approaches
while assisting in the full transaction cycle during their exit. Over the years, Mr. Weaver has diligently worked on developing
relationships with investors, developers, brokers, attorneys, and property managers. For the last few years, Nick has been
strategically focused on building his personal portfolio and ownership as a General Partner of
where he works to underwrite and evaluate deals that help increase revenue streams for the company. Having been born
and raised in Indiana, Nick is a Midwesterner at heart. He enjoys going to the beach, bike rides, golfing, and tennis with his
wife and son all while soaking up all of the enjoyable aspects of the lowcountry lifestyle.
Carl Ferreira
General Partner
Carl Ferreira is leading the way in making demand generation your competitive advantage. Carl's journey began with 
economics that then led him to a decade of enterprise tech sales where he closed millions in revenue and led teams
that did the same. He has spent his time engaging with businesses to help them build out and scale their go-to-market
strategies. Helping hundreds of start-ups and scale-ups dominate their categories and do so with the most competitive
and profitable advantages. His relentlessness and competitive spirit for personal growth and development sparked his
interest in real estate investing. Carl has directly impacted his partnerships by providing invaluable insight and is always
willing to extend guidance which continues to make him a true asset to Carl resides in Southern
California with his wife of eight years and two beautiful daughters.



Jon Dion
General Partner
Jon Dion is currently the Vice President of Sales for a successful startup and is a tenured software leader. Jon has been involved
in commercial and residential real estate for 15 years and began his career on the agent side of real estate. He has seen first hand
the good that can be created through real estate investing, and is highly motivated to use real estate in order to improve his
community, family, and to help others. Jon feels blessed to be married to his beautiful wife Audrey of 15 years and to be a father to
their 3 incredible children.



Alexis Monthie
Executive Assistant
Alexis Monthie is an energetic professional, having earned her degree from Grand Canyon University, she has transitioned her
organizational expertise to the real estate realm, and now serves as an accomplished Executive Assistant. Alexis excels in
providing exceptional support, managing complex daily tasks, and her unwavering dependability, and exceptional time
management skills provide a cornerstone to her team. Alexis’ capabilities also span effective strategies that boost revenue
and team morale. In addition to her effective administrative strategies, Alexis’ commitment to precision and excellence in a
fast-paced environment while maintaining a positive attitude is a testament to her talents and professionalism.